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“A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.”
— Marilyn Monroe

Cutout Stars
Honoring Our Golden Girls!

75 Years - Marilyn Roberts, A-B
65 Years - Susan R. Hall, C
60 Years - Madge M. Ellis, G
60 Years - Dorothy R. Baker, H
60 Years - Dorothy S. Gwinn, I
55 Years - Lesley Lawrence, H
55 Years - Susan J. Wolfe, J


Marilyn was raised in Kansas City, Kansas and moved to Wilmington with her parents in 1929. In 1941, Marilyn had completed 2 years at Mary Washington College, but felt she needed to be home during the war. She worked at Craig Advertising Co. and at night commuted to Philadelphia to study art instruc-tion. This was the basis of her painting career. She lived at 1111 Franklin St. where she met Frank, a DuPonter who lived at 1309 Franklin St.

In April 1945, Marilyn was initiated into Chapter A by charter member Edna Pote. She recalls Edna’s beautiful face and sincere manner. Marilyn’s mother was a P.E.O. and encouraged Marilyn to become a sister with the first Delaware chapter.

Marilyn married Frank in 1946. There was much excitement in Chapter A with a young lovely bride! Marilyn and Frank have 5 children: Jeff, Doug, Cindy, Julia and Emily, 11 grandchildren and 8 great grandchildren. Emily, a P.E.O. in Carmel, Indiana, joins Chapter A-B for meetings when in town.

Chapter A (A-B) has always had tight bonds through sisterhood. This is illustrated by the story of Marilyn, Frank, Ann Graham, A, PSP deceased and her BIL, Jim. A blizzard was forecast and Marilyn was due to give birth any day so Frank took Marilyn to the Graham’s home to be closer to the hospital. Frank stayed with the other children in Hockessin. When it was time, Jim took Marilyn to the hospital and was gracious enough to be called Mr. Roberts by the nurses. Our sisterhood has many bonds and loving concerns for our sisters… and B.I.L.s.
Marilyn’s hobbies include opera, painting, antique dolls, and dressing cloth dolls in antique clothes. She enjoys hosting Chapter A-B at her lovely home in Jenner’s Pond. Marilyn is 96 years young and is a vital and faithful P.E.O.

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