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“A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.”
— Marilyn Monroe

Anniversary with stars
Honoring Our Golden Girls!

60 Years - Susan Kissell G on 4/8/1963 into Ch C, Pascagou,MS
55 Years - Moomyeen Klopfenstein G on 12/1/1968 into Ch P Weston, CT
55 Years - Mary Hennessy, G  on 6/14/68 into Ch BQ, Plymouth, MN      
55 Years - Sue Baker, G on 1/17/1969 into Ch G, Wilmington, DE
55 Years - Sue Ellen Colter, E on 1/3/1968 into Ch CD, Washington, MO

50 Years - Suzie Martin, E  on 6/6/1973 into Ch W, Falls Church, VA
50 Years - Joyce Masterniak, G on 6/12/1973 into Ch FH, Hastings, NE

50 Years - Molly Logan, A-B on 5/5/1973 into Ch AW, Lansdale, PA

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State Officers
White Flower

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President -Laura Hood (N)

V.President - Mary Kegleman (G)

Organizer - Maureen Miller (N)

Treasurer - Charlot Sanders (I)

Secretary - Melissa Markham (N)

                  Carol Crowder (I)

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