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 Membership Workshops

 Membership Workshop September 18, 2021             at Dover Presbyterian Church

 During the workshop attendees engaged in an activity called " Don't Drop   the Ball". Different balls represented different categories of members. 
The players had to keep the balls in the air. An egg was added last to   represent Non-Participating Members. 

Click on right arrow to change slides or double click on center of photo to enlarge show. 

We encourage you to view multiple handouts which were presented at our 2021 Membership Workshop

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Resources have been created

or edited to help local chapters navigate changes to business meetings related to the

COVID-19 pandemic.


Visit this helpful page on the International P.E.O. website.

President - Peg Mitchell (I)

Vice-President -Laura Hood (N)

Organizer - Mary Kegelman (G)

Treasurer - Charlot Sanders (I)

Secretary - Ann Ashmore (D)

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